Thursday, January 1, 2009

To do list

Things to write:
story: based on Pauls' findings. semi -autobiographical, historical fiction?

story: based on Desteni (minerals of earth, gemstones), Maia (prima matra in same places as gold) and things placed around Bamfield area.


music - write some new songs, learn how to post them online as videos

Sunday, December 28, 2008

heart as life

use heart shape in the cave as the symbol of true life, a calling back to ourselves.....

"A drunken priarie sailor wasn't a logical choice for companionship to a summer solstice cave, but that's the hand I dealt myself. And it worked, that intoxicated inexperience on the water, somehow, it worked."

Sunday, December 21, 2008

jolly roger

skull and crossbones tree, take the sandwiches then next time you go, the time travellers.
Have one of the 7000 escapees be me as a High Mayan Time Walker who can sit and move the cosmsos back and forth throuth time and can see the future of the planet earth and how all plays out. Me splits into two, one the High Maya and one a perfect slave to the system, the God system, the white light construct all the gnostic sects that got lost in 'trusting the divine plan'.

Have self as high mayan time walker try to wake up self as slave....skull and crossbones is a diagram of our own individual skull in the grid matrix, the prison that has been earth. slave self doens't get it until this lifetime but time wlaker is going backwards through time so how would that work....the self getting it this time would alter all the selves in other lifetimes. Actually, maybe the me getting it in this lifetimes is the culmination of all my selves getting it thourhg my time walker self nudging me towards the truth of the slavery of humanity.
messianic jew

touch on need to see that there is nothing but what we create but that we need to move beyond nothingness into applying the knowledge and information.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

true cups

if the teachings in the tarot are from ancient mesopotamia/sumeria then the cup originated with the drinking cup that Anu placed before King Alalu on Nibiru.
so what the hell is it really for? it's got nothing to do with emotions, dumbed down all this stuff has become, lets go for the original teachings all they way back to before enslavement.


the location of vinland being vancouve island would be a perfect way to introduce the viking stuff. but why would they come here? searching for the lost continent of mu perhaps?

kennewick man

great video giving eveidence of lemaurian continent off west coast of na.

another video about white skinned, bearded humans living among the south americans when the spanish came over.
those of mu, would have been same as blue and green eyed people, semitic looking beings I guess because of their beards. Sound like those on the temples in ancient Persia.

title idea:
Human, free thyself

great ,minds hide everywhere

fugging paul!! What a brilliant idea. And I can use all the info and knowledge I've been absorbing to write this
Definietly will start with a re-enactment of our adventure into the cave. How Willy called for someone to come and understand the language of the cave, it is not of the natives.
All things around Bamfield are connected to the gold there, pyramids, etc. connected to Anu needing gold for his survival. So can use that whole story of where gold came from, etc. work the tunnels and caves in somehow. But I think maybe the tunnels and caves could be conected to the blue and green eyed people. Kind of the 'good guys'. Where there is gold there is prima matra so they are the 'others' either ultraterrestrial or maybe it would be more potenet to have them 'just' be Mur-Atlan beings, cross Mu/motherland/Atlantean beings. They would be those that escaped!!! into the water so all the knowledge is recoreded along the coast lines and shores of the islands.
The Prima Matra was something that was created as a side effect of the creation of the gold but was discovered as gold's polarity, to enhance the freedom of the beings, the gold enslaved, the prima matra frees...somehow.
Pyramids could be either or or both maybe, everything here could be pre-Anu, built by the non-manifested Mur-Atlans that existed on the Mu continent that VAncouver Island is part of. But then, once the gold is created, the structures become part of the enslavement process, the caves are about the gold rather than the symbolic nature of them. What would the caves have been int their orignal funciton? what would be the point of lighting up a golden mountain if it had nothing to do with gold per say. And would it even be possible for the sun to hit the same spot all these thousands of years later with the wobble of the planet?
Maybe the caves were constructed with the knowledge of how the sun would hit them....a la mayan time travellers, bveing able to sit and move all the planets through time, seeing how theywould all behave. Certainly then they could use this method to consctruct a model of how the sun would hit a cave wall for a few centuries around 2000 CE!! But what would be the point? And why would the viking have come here? I search of gold? Did they care about gold? and the gemstones too....what purpose do they serve???? need to research more about the prima matra and how it comes out of the earth.